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Interview with *aAa* Cocow

Another event of ours is over, and a new champion is crowned! This time it was Cocow from against all authority who ended up with the title. We had a chat with the french guy on how he managed to win Mixed Short Hunt 2016, his development as a top tech player, his future in the game, his team and being a french player in a french made game.


Hello Cocow! Glad you took your time to do this interview with us. Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Côme Marquet and I have been playing Trackmania since 2007 as a Fullspeed player. I started playing competitively in 2010 as I join TOX Family (together with my brother Ludo), and performed pretty good. After one year playing, the Fullspeed scene dropped down and I moved on to Trackmania Canyon, where I played for 2 years and have been at the top for those years. After that time spent on Canyon, *aAa* gave me the opportunity to play for them. From now on I'm gladly playing together with the best French players.

You just ended up winning Mixed Short Hunt 2016 with a pretty solid point difference, and got 846 out of 900 points. How did you manage to win it all and how did the first edition of this event feel like?

As I said previously, I was playing Fullspeed often, so I was confident on two styles, which are Tech and FS. I expected myself not doing so bad on Dirt and RPG, which ended up being the case, as I earn a lot of points and a pretty big lead.
The first edition of Mixed Short Hunt was really nice to play, I do like this "hunt system", where you have to perform well on all styles and not outclass everyone on a specific one. That is what a like, as I'm not a PB player but mostly a consistent one.

Picture of *aAa* Cocow

*aAa* Cocow

Name: Marquet "Cocow" Côme

Age: 19

Team: against All authority

Country: France

Used TM perspective: Cam 2

Controlling device: xBox 360 Pad

HuntMania achievements

First place in

Mixed Short Hunt 2016


This isn't the first time you do well in a mixed format. You got 2nd in Stadium eSports League Season 1. Do you enjoy all styles or what is the secret to master all the different styles?

Since I moved on from stadium to canyon, from canyon to valley, again from valley to canyon and last from canyon to stadium, I knew I was this kind of player that didn't need that much time to became "good" at one style or environment. I actually enjoy playing all styles, not for long though. I mean, I love to play Tech 100%, but I won't love playing other styles 100%. The secret to master all different styles? Well, I do think that this question might be asked to riolu or racehans.

Recently you have also proven that you are a top player in the most competitive style, tech. You was one of the 16 players that qualified to the Maniaplanet Worldcup 2016. You reached Loser Bracket Semi Final, and got placed as the 9th-13th best tech player in the world. Did you expect to qualify for this event, and how did the event itself feel like?

I've been tryharding so hard to get better and better that qualifying myself to the Maniaplanet WorldCup is the success of years of work. I did train a lot in order to qualify myself to this event and I felt proud participating. But I have the feeling that, playing against all these players is another level to achieve, another step to climb, and that's what I want to reach now.

You have also been attending at other LANs like Gamers Assembly and TheNest. How would you describe the difference between playing online and offline events in Trackmania? Will we see your face at more offline events in the future?

The pressure you have when playing offline is insane. I advise everyone to experience that feeling winning (or losing) an intense match offline, this is related with real sport feelings. And of course, I will participate to every offline event I can.

You are also among those players who master different environments, and has been doing well in Trackmania Canyon in the past. Are you still playing Canyon, or is that a closed chapter?

From now on, this is a closed book.

As well as being a successful solo player, you and your team, against All authority, have been doing well in team events. Will we see you going far, and maybe winning the eXeS cup?

We are always doing our best in tournaments, even though we have some struggle training due to exams those times, but it is group stage and we won our 2 first matches so it is all good so far.

Trackmania is French made game, and the biggest player base are located in France and Germany. As due to this, we often see these teams ending up in the Nations final. This year again France took the title home. How is it to be a part of such a strong nation, and does it put a bit of extra pressure on, when you that the game is made in France?

I don't think being French or German add extra pressure to our gameplay. But actually, being French helps me a lot participating to LANs (GA, ESWC, Virtual Lan, etc..) even on other games like League of Legends.

Another mixed hunting event is coming up, and released at 1st of January 2017. TMX Driving Academy will have 25 maps in each style of Tech, Speed Tech, Fullspeed, Dirt and RPG, and will last for two months online. Will you try to win the overall title in TMX Driving Academy as well, or maybe just focus on one style?

I will for sure try my best, but you can be sure I will focus on team tournament aAa is involved in, even though I'm always looking for some new challenges.

Thank you so much for this interview. Is there anyone you wanna give a shout-out to?

Thanks a lot for this interview ! I wanna give a shout-out to all my team mates for all the unforgettable moment they're giving me while playing this game, and also a big shout-out to my brother you who taught me everything in this game, and who is supporting me from the beginning ! LA SAUCE


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